jeudi 30 octobre 2014

RED SQUAD - Dernier synopsis en date

Après de longs mois sans nouvelle, Red Squad revient avec un nouveau synopsis. Trouvé sur le site CINANDO, ce court résumé est destiné au prochain Marché du Film Américain, le célèbre AFM, qui se tiendra du 5 au 12 novembre.

On sait que McTiernan prévoit de tourner Warbirds avant Red Squad, début 2015. Le scénario de ce dernier subit depuis début 2014 des réécritures de la part du cinéaste qui ne veut plus tourner avant d'être pleinement satisfait du scénario.

Version 1 du synopsis


After his retirement from the DEA, TRENT MITCHELL, he and his buddy MARTIN CRANE head to a small town on the border of Texas and Mexico to meet up with their friend GUS MENDEZ.

Years earlier, the three of them managed to earmark nine million dollars belonging to a vicious drug lord named GIRALDO “NACHO” ESTAMADURO. They plan to go into the bank and quietly withdraw the money, and theoretically, Nacho will be none the wiser.

But it doesn’t quite work out as planned. They get the money, but Nacho does find out and he begins to exact his revenge, ordering his lieutenant, RAMON, to execute the bank manager and his family. Gus’ granddaughter, LENA, is the chief of police and she begs Trent and Crane to take down Nacho’s cartel. They reluctantly agree when she reveals they may be able to make off with even more cash in the process.

It’s not a two-person job, so they assemble a team. MARCELES, RINEAU, FRANCHESCA and HUNTER comprise the mismatched team, each chosen for their various skills and levels of expertise.

The subsequent attack on Nacho’s drug lab is an explosive success, except it causes him to lash out at the town. Trent bolts, content to keep his cash from the successful robbery, but he returns when he learns that one of his DEA colleagues has been kidnapped alongside Gus. After a failed attack on Nacho’s mansion, all hope is lost. Most of the team is abducted, while Trent is arrested and thrown in a Texas jail. Crane disappears.

Unwilling to give up, Lena tracks down Crane and convinces him to help her break Trent out of jail. They return to Los Rojos and free the team from Nacho. Lena rallies the town to stand up to Nacho, who has enlisted the aid of a squad of Colombian mercenaries to take on the Red Squad.

Movies simply don’t get more exciting than “Red Squad.” Legendary director John McTiernan’s signature action, terrific humor, fun characters, and a timely subject matter combine for an entertaining adventure in which good triumphs over evil and an unlikely hero emerges and inspires.


Agent fraichement retiré de la DEA, TRENT MITCHELL et son pote MARTIN CRANE partent à la frontière du Texas et du Mexique, retrouver leur ami GUS MENDEZ. 

Des années plus tôt, les trois hommes ont réussi à voler neuf millions de dollars à un dangereux seigneur de la drogue nommé GIRALDO "NACHO" ESTAMADURO. Ils ont l'intention d'aller à la banque et de tranquillement retirer l'argent, au nez et à la barbe de Nacho. 

Mais le plan ne fonctionne pas tout à fait comme prévu. Ils prennent l'argent, mais l'information remonte jusqu'à Nacho qui ne tarde pas à se venger. Il ordonne à son lieutenant, RAMON, d'exécuter le directeur de la banque et sa famille. La petite fille de Gus, Lena, est le chef de la police et elle supplie Trent et Crane de faire tomber Nacho et son cartel. Ils acceptent quand elle leur révèle qu'ils peuvent gagner de l'argent dans l'opération. 

Le job demande plus que deux personnes, il faut une équipe complète. MARCELES, RINEAU, Franchesca et HUNTER entrent en jeu, chacun a été choisi selon ses compétences et son niveau d'expertise. 

L'attaque du laboratoire de drogue de Nacho est un succès explosif, mais le chef du cartel s'en prend directement à la ville. Trent se sauve avec l'argent du vol, mais il revient quand il apprend que l'un de ses collègues de la DEA s'est fait capturé  ainsi que Gus. Après une contre attaque ratée au manoir de Nacho, tout espoir semble perdu. Toute l'équipe ou presque est entre les mains du cartel, Trent est arrêté et jeté dans une prison du Texas. Quant à Crane, il disparaît. 

Refusant d'abandonner, Lena traque Crane et le convainc de l'aider à sortir Trent de prison. Ils reviennent à Los Rojos et libère leur équipe. Lena convainc les habitants de la ville de résister à Nacho, qui a demandé l'aide d'une équipe de mercenaires colombiens décimer le Red Squad.

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mardi 7 octobre 2014

Cahiers du Cinéma - n°704

Bon résumé de Vincent Malausa sur la venue, en septembre,
de John McTiernan à Deauville et à Paris
dans les Cahiers du Cinéma du mois d'octobre.

vendredi 3 octobre 2014

WARBIRDS - Officialisation du projet par Hannibal Classics et premier synopsis

Hannibal Classics révèle sur son site qu'elle sera présente à Cannes pour le MIPCOM du 13 au 16 octobre. Elle y vendra entre autres Bus 657, un Speed like avec Bob De Niro et le très attendu (c'est peu dire...) Warbirds de John McTiernan dont le tournage, aux dernières nouvelles, devrait débuter en janvier 2015 à Atlanta. Hannibal Classics coproduira le film avec une boîte montée pour l'occasion, une certaine Red Squad Production...

Hannibal Classics is pleased to announce we will be in Cannes, France for MIPCOM, the world's largest entertainment content market. Make an appointment with our sales team to learn more about our latest projects, including Bus 657 starring Robert De Niro, and Warbirds, directed by the iconic John McTiernan.

Synopsis :

AMOS HAWKINS (John Travolta or equivalent) is an amazing pilot who works as an aerial firefighter – a water bomber. But that’s just his legitimate profession; he earns most of his money as an aerial mercenary. A Chilean man has hired Amos to bomb an oil field on a patch of land bordering Chile and Argentina. It should be a safe job, with no human casualties, but it’s big enough that it will require a team.

Amos knows where to start looking for his team. He makes his way to a country club in Reno, which is hosting an air race. He makes his way through a swanky reception – being extra careful to avoid his ex-wife LAURIE, who is an excellent pilot in her own right. He recruits JOHANN VON KLEIST, a young brash pilot, and TULSA, a tall Chuck Yeager type who works the bar. HARRY HOLDEN, a tall, cocky and possibly insane pilot, sees him making the rounds and knows something is up. Amos reluctantly lets him join the team. Lastly, he approaches FRANK CALDER, a family man who has promised his wife he will never take these kinds of jobs anymore. Frank’s twenty-one-year-old daughter PEGGY volunteers her services, and Frank assures Amos, “She’s better’n both of us.” Amos welcomes them both to the team.

The last piece of the puzzle is also the trickiest. IGNATIUS “IG” DAYTON is a cantankerous old man with a grudge against Amos. But with the promise of a quarter of a million dollars – plus bonus cash -- he signs on. The team meets at an airstrip in Baja, joined by their controller, a ballsy woman affectionately known as MAMA.

The mission quickly goes south and Amos realizes it’s a trap. Faced with return fire, they fight their way out and barely manage to survive. Harry proves to be every bit as reckless as Amos feared, taking out bulldozers, dump trucks and anything else he can target. But he soon finds himself in the crosshairs of a Mig-15. He gets hit, but utilizes his ridiculous skills to evade any more fire. As the rest of the crew rendezvous at an abandoned airstrip, Harry has to crash-land his plane in Argentina.

The Mig pilot ejects from the plane and Harry gives chase. A fight reveals the pilot to be…LAURIE, Amos’s ex-wife!

Amos visits the man who hired him, a suave businessman named NICOLAS CAMPOS, but Nicolas can’t provide any answers for the ambush. Amos is left to figure out why he has been double-crossed and why his ex-wife is working for the other side.

Featuring an entertaining cast of colorful characters, and directed by one of cinema’s modern masters, John McTiernan (Die Hard, The Thomas Crown Affair),Warbirds is an astonishing action adventure that is sure to thrill worldwide audiences.